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Welcome to Integrated Financial Services

Getting a mortgage? you will need a mortgage protection/life assurance policy. The banks will offer you their own policy( through one life company), but as we have access to all the providers, we can get you the cheapest premium avaialble on the market.

We also currently have a 5% discount off the cheapest premium available for life assurance/mortgage protection. Click here for futher info. Or complete questionnaire and we will email you a quote. Questionnaire.

Pensions 2014. Do you qualify for a tax refund by making a pension contribution? Click here.

Applying for a mortgage? We will take you through the process from start(how much of a deposit do I need, how much/month should I be saving etc.) to finish( which bank will give me the most, which bank is offering the best rates etc.) We get paid by the banks so no cost to you in going through us, just the benefit of having access to numerous banks and the different rates availalbe. Complete our mortgage questionnaire.Click here


Have you had your finances reviewed lately?

We offer a free, no obligation financial review to make sure you're getting the best value for your money.

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In a world where the entire financial system is in turmoil, it is important for consumers to have access to advisers who can help navigate the complexities of financial markets.
We have attempted when putting our website together to identify opportunities and savings for you, and where we can, add value to your financial plans.
Regardless of your circumstances, we will endeavour to provide you with sound, meaningful advice and services and look forward to talking with you soon.


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Please note that while our initial review is free, we may receive commission from life company/product provider, if you go ahead with one of our recommendations. There is no extra cost to you for this commission that may/may not become payable.
Integrated Financial Services distributes Investments, Pensions, Life Assurance, Health Insurance, Deposits, Mortgages, and offer Specialised Financial Advice through its very experienced advisers and  back office staff based in Galway City.

Current advisers bring a wealth of experience to you from their background as Senior Executives / Directors in large National and International Finance Houses including Banks, Building Societies and Insurance Companies.

Integrated Financial Services reaches its clients through a number of Selected Financial Services Companies /  Firms including Accountancy Practices, General Insurance Brokers, Authorised Advisers, Solicitors and other Multi-Agency Intermediaries. These firms (professionals in their own field) have recognised the need to bring qualified, current and meaningful added value to their clients in the form of services and indeed specialised product offerings from Integrated Financial Services.
Eamon Keaney t/a Integrated Financial Services is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.
Integrated Pension and Investment Options Ltd T/A Integrated Financial Services is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland